Hey there everyone, first, we want to thank you for stopping by and looking around our website. We love offroading and we love being outside, especially when we can get out of the city! We started this website because CJ had days off that weren’t weekends and he always seemed to have a hard time finding people to go offroading with. And as fun as it is to be out in the hills with just you, your Jeep and your dog, it’s not the safest and can make for a hard time if you get stuck or need a winch out! We also knew that there were plenty of other people that have weird schedules too, we just weren’t friends with them – yet! So what do we do? Join a few groups, sign up for all of the forums, and hope for the best.

When this still wasn’t really helping CJ find people to wheel or ride with during the week, he started talking to people that he ran into on trails and in parts stores and shops, about how they find people to go offroad with. Nobody really had a solution that worked all of the time. Most people said they usually went alone or didn’t end up going at all. Which stinks, because when I have a day off, I like to be outside on an adventure! And so began the idea for an application. We discovered that we should probably start with a website first, so here it is! After some months of working out kinks and making it work the way we wanted it to, we’re moving on to the mobile app. Finally.

The website still has a few things that will be getting added, like this blog for example, while we continue working toward a complete app. So check back often and leave us a little story about why you’re here! Looking for details on an event? Looking for a UTV rental? Stumbled upon us by accident? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

Happy trails,


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